The Metaverse is an innovation of the future and the next great move in the evolution of the internet. Strict lockdowns due to the Pandemic have promoted immersive virtual and augmented reality. Now the users are getting used to the digital world. The users in this digital world may interact with one another in real-time inside simulated circumstances. How do this metaverse impact user? Let’s see both positive and negative impacts one by one.

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Positive Impact

The key advantage of using metaverse is that humans will get rid of traveling, which will result in less traffic, fewer accidents, and less pollution, and all of this will help to less global warming.

For political and big organizations it would be easier to conduct conferences in the virtual world. This will be time-saving besides the enormous expenses on their security and travel.

from small meetings to big events all can be digital. It could save the huge money of the event organizers have to spend on holding events like concerts. You must have heard about the rapper Travis Scott’s virtual performance that had organized by the hugely popular video game Fortnite.

Negative Impact

Some experts are concerned about the metaverse wide usage. Metaverse’s dependence on virtual reality (VR) technology and data centers will have a baneful or exceedingly harmful impact on the environment and surroundings, even if it decreases carbon emissions by reducing travel.

Data centers include artificial intelligence to detect eye and hand movements, whereas virtual reality depends on cloud services. A tremendous or huge amount of energy is required to operate all this, which comes at a significant environmental cost. The metaverse will very surely need very high-resolution images and it will boost energy usage even further as we need more energy.

Even if so, we assume that we will find solutions for all these negative effects and make our life easier.

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