Now we have seen live streaming in the metaverse. So why can’t fashion be in the metaverse? Fashion in the metaverse sounds cool, right? Let’s have a more discussion on it.

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What’s the point of digital clothes?

Generally, all the clothes that we wear have gone through a long procedure of apparel and are substantially more about utilizing fashion to address us in the manner we need to be seen by society. In the real world, accessories and clothing are actually more helpful for personalizing our appearance than providing basic needs. So, why should we treat digital clothing differently?

You must be thinking about what are digital clothes? The answer is so simple that these clothes don’t really exist and are simply made of pixels instead of materials. Digital clothing includes everything we associate with traditional fashion and are not material. However, clients are wearing these clothes everywhere from digitally altered photos to games.

All style and no substance?

Social media has changed the perspective of how people see and present themselves online. Many will use filters before sharing or posting an image online, and this trend is beginning to impact the fashion world. For example, people may buy new and trendy things online not for necessity but just for their Instagram feed.

Digital fashion promotes the idea that anyone, regardless of their body type, size, sexuality, or gender, can wear anything, which sounds like the work of influencers. The intersection of the physical and digital worlds is referred to as phygital. Because of this, retailers are preparing for an Extended Reality (XR) where the products or goods that they sell are represented in both the physical and digital world.

Future of digital fashion

Metaverse has a bright future in the fashion world. However, a world with digital fashion will remain remote if the technology is not made accessible to everyone. Even though this concern exists, metaverse—bringing all the tech concepts of AI, blockchain, machine language, cryptocurrency, and NFT together—is expected to continue to expand and grow organically.

It is anticipated that the changing perception of reality and needs will also accelerate the transformation of the fashion industry, parallel to lifting the digital world to a different stage and bringing along new production and consumption processes. The metaverse will continue to cascade into virtual goods, the consumers boost in the metaverse and spend more time online, and fashion leaders will crack the new ways of engaging with high-value younger associates.

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