The metaverse is a digital platform that merges virtual and augmented reality. We can go through this online environment via digital avatars, which may look identical to the real world, built on imagination, or a combination of both. With the help of virtual reality headsets & digital avatars, people will get a closer insight into their daily lives even better than any social media post can.

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Cyber security concerns with Metaverse

By implementing metaverse into daily lives, cybercrime will also get increased by huge numbers. Some of the cybersecurity risks can be similar to internet risks nowadays.

Due to the metaverse, cybercriminals can even find new attacks in addition to the traditional phishing, malware, and hacking, due to its architecture. Hackers find Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTS) interesting and they are used generally in the metaverse.

As we take deep dive into the metaverse, data security will become more and more significant. Our first aim is to find a way to safeguard our online identity and business activities. Preserving data and information is critical when it concerns regulating or securing the metaverse.

To enjoy metaverse, we need special and particular equipment which is another kind of issue. Because external electronic devices, including virtual reality headsets, can be vulnerable to hackers if we don’t protect them properly. The information obtained by such VR headsets can be released in the future and can be exceedingly sensitive such as monitoring us all the time.

Possible ways to address the concerns

Organizations should aim to preserve the data and information they collect from users and verify the third parties with whom they exchange data. To fight the leakage of sensitive and confidential data, parties must continually verify every level of digital interaction, instead of believing merely in authentication and authorization.

As we move towards AI and machine learning, cybersecurity solutions will upgrade the efficacy of user access analization and behavioral patterns on a large scale. Along with this, we will be able to block the upraising number of unknown dangers in the metaverse.

Including blockchain and decentralized technologies, is considered a way to safeguard metaverse identity as they also provide protection from fraud.

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