Are web3 and metaverse the same or different? is this question freaking you? If so, then sit back and relax. This article will clear all your doubts. we are going to see the difference through three features they are Definition, underlying technology, and scope of application.

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Let’s see the introduction first. Web 3.0 allows decentralization, while the metaverse provides an allowance to anyone to move freely and trade their assets along with complete transparency. Though some similarities do exist between metaverse and web 3.0, the differences between them gain more attention. Now, let’s move toward the points of difference between them in detail.

The key points of comparison between metaverse and web3

1. Definition

The metaverse concept refers to a digital world that will allow users to interact with three-dimensional objects in virtual reality. Virtual reality headsets will help users in the metaverse to make interactions with other users and objects in the virtual space. 

On the other side of the picture, web 3.0 refers to the evolution of the approaches that are useful to users to have control of digital assets and online identities. Through web 3.0, users not only create the content of their choice but also control and monetize the content. Hence, web 3.0 is a concept that will provide users ownership over their creations. 

2. Underlying Technology

the next topic for comparison is the underlying technology in both of them. To establish the whole ecosystem, the metaverse has different crucial technologies. For developing a metaverse along with the enabling technologies, you would need to have internet connectivity, decentralization, and a creator economy. 

Web 3.0 supports a decentralized web that would count on blockchain and cryptocurrencies only. Under the control of a decentralized network of computers, blockchain assists users to interact with online services.

3. Scope of Applications

Metaverse is a concept that sets up or merges the movies, entertainment, gaming, education, and social platforms into one platform. However, the concept of metaverse doesn’t exist today so we can consider all of these applications are still under development.

Web 3.0 is actually a new era of the internet. You can consider it as a set of rules which are applicable to every internet user. Hence, web 3.0 would be acceptable throughout the web rather than for particular applications.   

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