The strength or key effect of the metaverse is that we could establish a world that provides opportunities for each of us to express our best selves. Although there are many parts of the metaverse worth exploring, there is also an issue related to mental health, especially for teenagers, in this technology.

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Social researchers are concerned about the social media screen time and adverse mental well-being impacts among youthful clients. In the past few years, tension, sorrow, and self-destructive, mental trauma have soared among teenagers. What’s even more, worse, analysts have found that due to harmful screen-time-related impacts, involves FOMO (fear of missing out), cyberbullying, unnecessary comparisons with ridiculous pictures, and, as a result, expanding social isolation.

How bad the metaverse can be for young children? Will it affect negatively teens’ mental health?

We may think that reality and the metaverse are two different poles

Going from a Metaverse built around a real-time virtual and digital immersive experience and then going back into our reality of physical life will be a bit of a shock to the system. To such an extent that it could prompt individuals to isolate themselves from their real-life in favor of the world, they’ve created and enjoyed in the Metaverse.

Our emotional health will be affected

This could have both positive and negative outcomes on our mental or emotional behavior because we are living in two worlds- one we have created according to our exact specifications and the other that finds solutions to our desires in a much slower fashion. Similar to this, with any new creative innovation, we will need to be careful about not separating ourselves in metaverse so much from our real life and the real world that it becomes complicated to go back at the same time.

What should parents do then?

Several helpful steps can assist while fighting against these fears. They re-

  • Have limitations on how much children have access to online experiences.
  • Do not keep any gap in communication with your kids about their online interests.
  • Most significantly, establish trust and connection with your kids.

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