The metaverse is the hot topic that everybody is talking about. From social media platforms like Meta to Expensive Luxury fashion brands, everyone is utilizing this technology to expand their business and earn profit by approaching more and more audiences. But everyone needs to get adapt to the metaverse environments and virtual world. Is this really possible for everybody?

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The hurdle to blindness

People with visual-related disabilities often have problems when dealing with most types of media. Even, OTT platforms like Netflix just give a 1/4th of their content in the form of audio descriptions.

A mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality provides the best visual medium. To have it, we need VR headsets. But using VR headsets for the people that have impaired glasses can be hectic sometimes. You must be thinking what about the blind person? Can they enjoy metaverse just like normal people?

Below are a few ways that can help people with disabilities with metaverse:

Sensory intensification

Most people who have hearing or visual weakness just have some type of partial loss, and they can benefit from augmented reality and virtual reality applications intended to improve their senses. Such applications can recognize which sound the listener wants to focus on and boosts that sound or the applications that can address visual impairment.

Communication enhancement

Communication is the way by which people make interaction and can find friends and soulmates. But, even if it seems to be quite normal for us, it can be the greatest test for individuals with speech and hearing disabilities. we have a lot of expectations from VR and AR to take it to a whole new level.

Better planning with VR and AR

Traveling is fun right? but it is tricky for persons with motion-limiting disabilities. Whenever they travel, they need to make sure that their places are generally accessible via wheelchairs or ramps.

VR and AR reality tours of a destination will help them to let them experience a place and check for accessibility according to their comforts. Along with this, they can even make plans for accommodations, places to visit, and routes to take.

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