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The metaverse is not in its full form yet. Until technology upgrades, the metaverse will still be mostly in its early stages. To build trust and impression of the metaverse, it needs less troublesome hardware to wear and less costly than available models and software capable of transferring individual facial expressions. Even though these are alarming hurdles, they are just the kind of things that investment and research can conquer. But no one can predict perfectly when that will happen.

The most closest and immersive metaverse experience can be provided by the games and that’s the reason why early adopters of the metaverse are gamers as they are familiar with the 3D visual and auditory experience the metaverse is bringing. As with so much latest technology, people who are children today are going to be more natural with all these things and they will adopt the things in a faster way as their entertainment experience, beginning with Roblox now, is most like what the metaverse will be.

For gamers, they don’t need to know metaverse differently. But what about non-gamers? How are they going to use metaverse? Just like they handle the internet and online shopping, it will depend on how easy it is to use and how favourable it becomes.

Experts talk that almost no one will spend their lives in the metaverse. For retailers and brands, they will find metaverse as just another channel for selling, not the only channel. Like TikTok and Instagram today, it will be significant but it will be helpful to reach out to more consumers in all the places and perfect marketing will catch their attention.

With the help of the metaverse, we can make our physical life better, more dynamic, and more connected. You must be thinking that the internet has already done that part? the metaverse is the next phase of the internet, it will be helpful for the retails and brands to attract their consumers.

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