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You must have heard about the key involvement of AI in the metaverse. The role of AI in Metaverse includes merging many different technologies such as VR, 3D animation, and blockchain. As we know that the growth or raise of the metaverse is really aiming to become the next big main technology.

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Role of AI in Metaverse

By playing diverse roles AI can make the metaverse more interactive and inclusive.


AIOps supports significantly by managing all the necessary infrastructure including hardware, base software, and communications. Okay, you must be thinking but what is AIOps? It is the concept of a mixture of big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, which involves event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination. These features will give assurance of the robustness of the Metaverse infrastructure and actionable insights that are relevant to the upper layers.

Inclusive User Interfaces

Providing an immersive experience is the one of main points to the potential success of the Metaverse AI. Some applicable technologies in this space could be:

  1. Image recognition features
  2. Automatic translation
  3. Brain-computer interfaces to avoid vulnerably

Enhanced Smart Contracts

As the concept of democratization, the Metaverse AI allows creators and users to interchange digital assets and entitlements easily with securing ownership and assuring disintermediation from big corporations. But will this be always true?

As mentioned before in the AIOps section, to trace this kind of “anti-democratic” activities infrastructure information related to transactions could be used, despite the fact that it would not be sufficient to halt blockchain transactions once they have been finished.

AI for Immersive Digital Worlds

Have you heard about the NVIDIA Omniverse? The set of features that this platform provides to build digital worlds and simulate real ones is just impressive. From strong and heavy world-building and simulation to digital surroundings for testing autonomous robots/AIs to Artificial Intelligence voice technologies, NVIDIA technologies are a good example of how AI will be key in creating digital spaces in which social interactions will take place in the Metaverse.

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