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How did we use to connect different computers in the past? After we brought our own computer, we used to connect other computers using IP(Internet Protocol).

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In the past, with the help of a floppy disk, we used to store the data. However, Floppy disks are probably in a museum right now, time flies right?. With the innovation of the internet, we started to make data transactions faster than before.

We still run on the client-server protocol, even after 30 years of progress in the internet data structure. The architecture hasn’t changed that much, with refurbishing to the native one. In spite of that, with the revolution of the blockchain application stack being in our midst, we can surely assume that we’ll see a lot of changes in the web architecture.

From Centralized to Decentralized

One of the biggest demerits of the Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 is the client-server-based architecture. Basically, all our personal data on the internet is stored in a computer with huge storage. There is no counterfeit or fugazi! All of the data is controlled by any third party or private company. So, this scenario poses a serious threat to our privacy.

This centralized system had caused a lot of disturbance or issues over the last few years. For example, you must have heard about the data breach of Facebook where too much private or sensitive data got spilled to the public. The corporate monsters are controlling our lives in many ways.

Although we need to see the other side of the coin, a decentralized network is free from the threat of data breaches. Nobody has the authority over your personal data. There won’t be any centralized server. All the data will be distributed over the whole network. Your data can be stored be in a refrigerator or toaster if they have internet access. This is the true beauty of the Web 3.0 blockchain technology stack – a decentralized, secured, and private network that focuses on being humane.

Changing to Data Democracy

Peer to Peer or P2P connection was prime from 1990, however, it gained popularity when we started to use sharing programs such as Tor Browser or BitTorrent.

blockchain is taking this infrastructure to a whole next level, with the revolution of cryptocurrency. Now we can look forward to decentralizing data structure from our model centralized system.

In the latest web3, we are redesigning the data infrastructure of the internet. However, it’s important to know that, Blockchain isn’t the only technology behind this, there are lots of other decentralized web stacks.

The main reason is that the blockchain application stack isn’t that ideal for storing a large amount of data as it still has scalability issues and doesn’t really have privacy that much.

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