You must hear everyone talking and going crazy about metaverse. You also want to be one of them and don’t want to feel left out. So, this guide will help you. This article talks about the definition, introduction, and basic points you need to know about the metaverse.

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You can think about the metaverse as the future revolution of the internet. The metaverse is a notion or abstract of a tenacious, online, 3D universe that merges multiple different virtual spaces which will allow users to work, play games and interact together in these 3D spaces.

Despite the existence of the metaverse is not perfectly well, some platforms contain metaverse-like elements. If you want to have the closest metaverse experience, video games might be the thing you are looking for. Blockchain, metaverse-like applications are already in existence and they are providing people with liveable incomes. Axie Infinity is one play-to-earn game through which many users earn income by playing.

The financial, virtual, and physical worlds have been tightly coupled. By just giving commands or just pressing the buttons we can manage our lives with the help of devices. The crypto ecosystem isn’t an exception either. NFTs, blockchain games, and crypto payments are now all easily available as part of a developing metaverse.

What’s the definition of a metaverse?

The concept was developed in the Snow Crash novel, which is a science-fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson. Though the concept of a metaverse was once fiction, it could be our future. Let’s imagine, you are in the virtual office, meeting with an Oculus VR headset, finishing work, and relaxing in a blockchain-based game, along with all this managing your crypto portfolio and finances all inside the metaverse. You must have observed some features of the metaverse in existing virtual video game worlds. Games like Fortnite bring together multiple elements of our lives into online worlds. While these applications are somewhat similar to the metaverse, but not exactly.

The metaverse will merge economies, digital identity, decentralized governance, and other applications along with gaming or social media.

Why are video games linked to the metaverse?

As we discussed earlier, video games offer the closest metaverse experience as they include 3D virtual reality. 3D isn’t the only point here but video games now offer services and features that cross over into other parts of our lives. For example, in the multiplayer game Fortnite, 12.3 million players participated in Travis Scott’s virtual in-game music tour. Roblox, the video gaming platform, even arranges virtual events like concerts and meetups.

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