As we have seen in the past few articles, the metaverse will merge all aspects of life in one place. While due to pandemics, many people have already started to work at home, in the metaverse, they can enter a 3D office and reach out with their colleagues’ avatars. Doesn’t this sound excited? Yes, right. So, with this excitement let’s see the little introduction and examples of the metaverse.

Metaverse examples

As we know, the metaverse doesn’t exist today but we have many available platforms and projects that show similarities to the metaverse. We are going to look for SecondLive, Axie Infinity, and decentraland. Let’s talk about them in detail.


‌SecondLive is a virtual 3D platform where users experience and control avatars for socializing, learning, and business. This platform also includes an NFT marketplace for swapping collectibles. In September 2020, as part of its first anniversary, SecondLive hosted Harvest Festival.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn gaming platform. It provides a chance to earn income for the players in developing countries. You must have an idea about the famous Filipinos using it as a way for full-time employment or welfare.

A player can start farming the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token by purchasing or being gifted three creatures known as Axies. Although Axie Infinity doesn’t have a singular 3D character or avatar, it provides users the chance for a metaverse-like job.


Decentraland is a virtual platform that merges social elements with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and virtual real estate. along with this, players can participate in the governance of the platform. Along with cosmetic collectibles, NFTs are used to represent LAND, 16×16 meter land parcels, that users can buy with MANA. Mana is the cryptocurrency here. The combination of all of these builds a complex crypto-economy.

Closing remarks

today, we can just say, we don’t really know if we reach the point of a metaverse as it is unsure. But till then, we can already have the closest experience with metaverse-like projects and continue to include blockchain more into our daily practices.

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