Guaranteeing online security is a key issue in any institution, especially when the growth of rapid cyberattacks is greater than ever before.

Therefore, we want to share the great news! We found ourselves mentioned as one of the best network security providers! The list was gathered by Cybernews – an online resource. Its team regularly delves into the depths of the cyber world, bringing a variety of news from VPN comparisons to cyber war.

We are saying a big thank you, for reminding everyone, that investing in cybersecurity solutions should be a no-brainer!

At Infovys we help companies boost their value through customized Web Security & App Security services. Even though our field is Android and web protection, we will gladly help with any digital transformation. To make sure your website, app, or network runs like a knife through butter, we will provide you with a mixture of security services:

  • Malware cleanup:
    • Zero-day attacks
    • Safety backup
    • Daily malware scanning and report
    • Blacklist monitoring
    • Malware firewall
  • Android security:
    • App Bad Code Cleanup
    • Block hack attempts
    • Backdoor Removal
    • Database block
    • Sensitive information protection
  • Website Security:
    • Website cleanup
    • DDoS support
    • Zero-day exploits
    • Injection protection

Whether you need web protection or security enhancement of your app, we have your back!

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